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    Serving clients, building trust and cultivating a culture of integrity are priorities of Bond Street Partners.

    We deliver an unfathomable client experience and believe that the clients' most successful outcome is tied to how well a team works together.

    “Kris exemplifies pleasant persistence!”

    Kris exemplifies pleasant persistence. He reached out after we previously failed to sell our home with a different agent. We decided the timing wasn't right and over the next 18 months, he got in touch without ever overstepping boundaries. Finally, we were ready, and even though Kris had little expenence in our local area, he quickly got to gips. He made such a good impression that we picked him over a top-selling local agent. It was a risky move, but Kris proved himself to be a consummate pro from that movement. Any questions, comments or concerns are handled almost instantly. His commitment to his clients is beyond five stars. He cares, and that shines through in every engagement. He is motivated to do his best and doesn't pull any punches when the going gets tough. I've worked with real estate professionals for over 20 years, and Kris stands alongside the best of the best. He secured us a well above asking sales price, and I strongly recommend that you use his services when buying or selling your home. - Private Client

    “Nobody knows Bel Air better than Bond Street Partners!”

    James, David and their highly skilled team helped make my dreams a reality. The sale went smoothly, and we just closed on an ideal new place we're excited to call home. I’m convinced nobody knows Bel Air better than Bond Street Partners! - Private Client, Home Buyer

    “The process was smooth and seamless”

    Moving from the UK was a daunting process and with little knowledge of LA, James guided us through our options and all the areas that fit our criteria. He searched tirelessly on our behalf and through spending the time listening to our feedback on our first few viewings, were able to weed out all the time wasters and get us straight to our dream property. They called and said "I think we've found the ideal place for you guys" and they were right. From then the process was smooth and seamless and I have already recommended them to anyone who asks. It's nice to be looked after by people who clearly love their jobs and are good at it too. We are very happy in our new home - thank you! - Private Client, Home Buyer

    Share your amazing buying or selling experience with Bond Street Partners. We'd love to hear from you.

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    Leave A Review

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