• I’ve been in professional sales for over 30 years and in that time, I’ve NEVER experienced as much fun and excitement as I have working alongside James Harris and David Parnes of Bond Street Partners!

    Selling Million Dollar Listings in Los Angeles is a VERY competitive game and often,
    agents are territorial and unwilling to assist their colleagues in order to maintain a competitive edge. I recently reached out to James and David to help me sell a property for one of my clients in the Hollywood Hills and remain astonished with their humility and graciousness given their tremendous success.

    We met at my client’s home and James delivered a thoughtful, intelligent and organized presentation on how he would market and sell this home with truly “outside the box” creativity that included everything from social media marketing to worldwide networking capabilities to locate and secure the most qualified buyers. Their use of technology is impressive to say the lease but most importantly, their people skills are unsurpassed. From the moment you connect with them you’re captured by their professionalism, integrity and genuine interest in a client’s goals. Their extensive knowledge of the finest communities in Beverly Hills, the Hollywood Hills and other fine destination communities is astonishing and believe me when I tell you, they use it to capture maximum results for their clients and colleagues.

    James and David don’t wait for deals to happen… they make them happen using their extensive networking relationships and in luxury real estate, who you know matters! Their ability to close deals and make them happen is truly amazing. Their work ethic is inspiring and treat clients with the utmost unconditional love, care and honesty seeking to secure the interest of their clients as if it was for their own gain! James and David are not just my colleagues; I consider them my trusted advisers and friends. Trust me, after working with them you will too!

    Thanks James and David for this wonderful opportunity and experience to work with you. I’m sincerely appreciative for the opportunity and look forward to working with you again soon!

    Kevin Bonn
  • "I have done seven r/e deals in my life and the most recent was with James Harris and David Parnes. They are exceptional! They negotiated a price for me i never thought possible. They are polite, timely, efficient, and when the times comes appropriately ferocious. I recommend them to anyone looking to buy or sell property."

    Jon H.
  • I was referenced to Bond Street Partners from a friend to help sell my home and can't compliment their service enough. James and David specialize in luxury homes and have network of international buyers. With their help I not only sold my home faster than I thought but also got a good premium above asking. Not expecting anything like this, I highly suggest you find out for yourself what they are capable of. Plus they have very cool British accents.

    A. Erickson
  • Start to finish, The Agency team did an incredible job. I was real impressed how you all work together towards a successful transaction with true professionalism and class. From the marketing, photography, open houses, negotiating the offer, escrow process and everything else along the way your service was top notch - you were all heavily involved, communicated with us very well and everyone on your team seemed to care about achieving success as much as we did. From my experience every transaction is different and they all inevitably will have unforeseen obsticals to get past - your team navigated the path towards close and stayed in front of potential issues to keep them from becoming bigger problems. From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much! 

    Jimmy Troy
  • James is a true 5 star real estate agent. He represents everything you would want in somebody helping you find your dream home or even an important financial real estate investment.

    David C Graber
  • He is the best. My home was rented out for 2 years with 1 year of rent up front in 1 week!!!! I will use James in the future for purchases and sales. He is really easy to work with and knows his industry.

    Jany Davenport
  • Despite being from out of town, the partners are from the UK, and you'll realize as soon as you meet them, they are unbelievably acquainted with the local scene. Overall very pleased with the service I received at Bond Street Partners. I will highly reccommend the team to all my friends and family for any Los Angeles real estate needs.

    Richard Legitt
  • Very pleased with the service I received at Bond Street Partners. I will highly reccommend the team to all my friends and family for any Los Angeles real estate needs.

    Jake Khoury
  • Bond Street Partners are the best at what they do. I have friends all over the world that are looking at Los Angeles real estate and I highly recommend the team to all my contacts.

    Nicholas Frankl
  • Great Job from start to finish. James and David were efficient, honest and very helpful every step of the way in helping me with my Beverly Hills property sale and purchase.

    Silvia Campbell
  • James and David were fantastic to work with, having dealt with real estate agents around the world, these two were definitely the easiest and most professional. Moving out here could of been very difficult and lonely but James and David not only made buying a property easy but they welcomed me into their circle of friends. Very thankful for finding them and I look forward to doing further business and having a relationship with both of them in the future.

    Tim Manna
  • I have previously dealt with James when he was an agent in London so when I went to LA to look for a property it made sense to speak to him again. I was only in LA for 4 days so didn't have much time to get organised but James managed to arrange a number of viewings, gave me star treatment and we  managed to tie something up with one day to spare. James is enthusiastic, knowledge and easy to deal with.