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    Georji Mesica


    Marketing Director

    Georji, a distinguished alumna of the University of Southern California, holds a dual degree in Communication and Graphic Design, showcasing her expansive knowledge and diverse skill set in the realm of marketing. Over the course of an impressive 12-year career, she has diligently sharpened her expertise in creative direction and branding, as well as project and event management.

    A rare Los Angeles native, Georji embodies a unique blend of visionary thinking and meticulous attention to detail, evident in her unwavering commitment to the world of design. Immersing herself in the ever-evolving domains of art, fashion, architecture, editorial photography, typography, and interior design, Georji remains in a constant state of inspiration, effortlessly infusing these dynamic influences into her extensive portfolio of work. Presently, Georji’s primary area of concentration resides in real estate marketing, where she contributes her valuable expertise to the endeavors of Bond Street Partners, skillfully leading the team’s creative initiatives with a fresh approach.

    Georji’s proficiency extends beyond her creative abilities, encompassing a deep understanding of real estate trends and market dynamics. With her astute market knowledge, she possesses the unique skill of curating compelling narratives that bring homes to life. Moreover, she is well-versed in the art of storytelling, leveraging this talent to captivate audiences and create meaningful connections with prospective buyers.

    Notably, Georji’s tenure with the team at Bond Street Partners has been instrumental in driving significant growth in sales. In just three years, she played a pivotal role in propelling sales from $325 million to $585 million and further to an impressive $820 million.

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