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    Alexis Amaradio



    Alexis is a vital force within our luxury real estate brand, overseeing the operational intricacies of James Harris and David Parnes, two esteemed agents who dominate the Los Angeles luxury market. A graduate of the esteemed University of Southern California, Alexis brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise, stemming from her educational background in Business and Public Relations. With a firm grasp of the dynamic nature of the real estate industry, Alexis employs her efficiency and effectiveness to navigate its complexities with finesse.

    Hailing from Orange County, Alexis’s upbringing within a family deeply entrenched in the hospitality industry instilled in her the importance of forging and nurturing genuine connections with clients. This invaluable foundation has ingrained within her the value of trust and authenticity, serving as the cornerstone of her approach to real estate. Driven by her genuine passion for her work, Alexis finds profound fulfillment in the opportunity to make a positive impact on the lives of others.

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