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Dawn Deyong was born into the world of fashion. Her father owned a highly successful British fashion company, and her earliest memories are of the clothes and fabrics that filled her home. In the early 1980s she decided to continue the family tradition and became a buyer for the elite designers Joseph and Kenzo, before becoming a personal stylist. With her skills honed in this most demanding of aesthetic arenas, interior design was a natural progression.

Dawn has always believed in marrying the beautiful with the practical. In the late 1980s she started buying run-down mansion apartments in London, and then renovating them with a team of builders to create luxury apartments in one of the world's most desirable cities. Through the skillful utilization of space and an ability to mix the old with the new, she was able to create beautiful, fully-equipped homes for people from all walks of life.

From single financiers who want every convenience finished with surgical precision to families who want a cozy and welcoming environment, Dawn has worked with them all. Her design skills are flexible, tailored to meet the varying demands of a wide array of clients, and she is aware that while each person is different the importance of creating a beautiful home remains the same in every case.

Dawn has worked all over the world. From penthouse apartments in London to traditional cottages in the English countryside to Chateaus in the south of France, and homes in Israel and Los Angeles, her experience is truly global. She says people's homes are their sanctuaries.

Dawn has always enjoyed the challenge of working to a budget and believes that expensive is easy. The purpose of design, she believes, is to mix the eclectic and contemporary to create comfortable and stylish properties that people are delighted to call home.

We are a family of four who live in Arkley, a small village on the outskirts of London. At first we were unsure we could employ an interior designer to renovate out home as we had a limited budget, but after meeting with Dawn and listening to her ideas we decided to go ahead.

We were not only thrilled with how our beautiful home turned out, but we also realized that without her knowledge of design, and her ability to communicate with the builders we would have never come in on budget – or still be on good terms with the builders!

Her expertise in buying well combined with her unique design skills means that almost seven years later our home still looks fresh. Dawn gets the job done without fuss; she has a wonderful easygoing attitude, is a great communicator and, most importantly, is totally trustworthy. We look forward to working with her again in the future.

* * *

Dawn totally revamped my five storey seven-bedroomed house. It was a mighty task and one she handled with imagination, gentle determination and patience.

I liked her ideas, the way she interpreted my taste and I learned to trust her judgment. I was impressed with the way she dealt with a large team of builders – not an easy task. And when things went wrong, which they inevitably do with such a large project, she was quick to sort them out.

Dawn has a very pleasant manner and a good sense of humour and is totally dedicated and efficient. She is full of ideas and suggestions but always worked hard to interpret what I, as the client, wanted.

Under her guidance I was happy to de-clutter my home and was delighted with the new easy-to-live with colour scheme and re-design. She is both a creative interior designer and an efficient project manager.

Angela Levin March 2012

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